The Last of us

Welcome To The Patriot Daylily Society

A place where a variety of daylilies may be found, where you can meet other gardeners and spend some time exchanging and learning about the daylilies.

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The Last of us

Patriot Daylily Society & Partridge Hill Gardens

Join the daylily club by exploring and purchasing some of the area’s most exquisite hand-grown daylilies.

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Learn About The Tools And Tricks Used
By Experienced Exhibitor!

We have a group of knowledgeable exhibitors that will present a variety of simple tips and
equipment that you can use to cultivate daylilies effectively and effortlessly.

Daylily Exhibition & Tradeshows

While you visit the place, you can come across many people who have been cultivating daylily for years. These individuals will display their own growing daylily in front of the audience. Bring your own sapling to display or sell if you’d like, and then purchase the ones you want. If you need a company to make you signage for the trade show take a loot at American Sign Letters.

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Auction & Doorprizes

Bring in items and FILE CARDS in DUPLICATE with complete description, what it is for, who donated it, and how it is to be retrieved. One for the winner, and one for PDS archive. We need all this info from you to make it easier to keep track. Remember, we have more fun when everyone participates.

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Daylily & Seedling Photos

Due to the collaboration of several growers plus the generous support of Drywall Repair Cape Coral, we also have a wide variety of daylily and seedling images that you may browse through to better understand the daylilies we have available.

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Happy Reviews

“I appreciate being allowed to display my daylily in front of a crowd by The Patriot Daylily Society. My flowers received a lot of praise, which was only made possible by them.”

Johnny E. Squires

“It was a completely different and new experience for me to be a part of the Daylily Society, as they had a collection of daylilies that were new to me.”

Gwenn K. Rivera

“I went to one of The Patriot Daylily Society’s trade events, and the daylilies they displayed were incredible. I totally recommend visiting them to all those who have an interest in daylilies.”

Todd M. Vaughan

Bring In Your Seeds For Our Online Daylily Auction Fund Raiser

All members please feel free to email me your list of favorite daylilies.