Our November meeting, “MEMBERS FORUM” is an opportunity for each of us to talk about our gardening lives, especially relating to daylilies. You will be allotted 10 to 15 minutes and bring your slides, especially in a thumb drive format. George Doorakian will be the moderator for this program. This will be a fun event, especially for members that come to each meeting to enjoy the programs of the day, but never participate actively in a program.

Congratulations to George Doorakian for winning the 2016 Stout Medal for his ROSE F. KENNEDY! Adele just sent me an email that it had been posted on the AHS website. George has bred many daylilies of distinction over the years and Rose F. Kennedy made it easily to the top of voting this year. It is a beauty instantly recognizable in the garden, whose impact in breeding has already been felt.