March 7, 2020
Bedford Library, Mudge Way , Bedford, MA
On Saturday, March 7  the PatriotDaylily Society welcomes Rich Howard of CT Daylily. Rich is well-known in daylily circles for a groundbreaking, broken-color bloom, but his program, entitled “‘Explosion at the Paint Factory’ and Beyond” will take you from that landmark plant to Rich’s more recent, and equally exciting, registrations and seedlings. 

November 2, 2019

12:00 set-up, 12:30 meeting

Bedford Library, Mudge Way, Bedford, MA

“Daylilies in the Garden”

Did you know that there are “spider”, “double” and “eyed” daylilies?

Find out how you can have daylilies blooming in your garden from late spring to Halloween.  Adele Keohan, a Master Gardener with the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association, will talk about the use of daylilies in the garden, how to select a daylily for form, bloom time and habit, and how to care for and propagate these hardy perennial plants.


Daylily enthusiast, editor and Master Gardener, Adele Keohan is always interested in the opportunity to learn something new and to share what she’s learned with others. Adele is also an educator, holding Masters degrees in both Elementary and Special Education.

Adele is a Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association (MMGA) Speakers Bureau lecturer, and her current presentation “Daylilies in the Garden” gives a history of the modern daylily, its care, cultivation and breeding. Her involvement in the American Daylily Society began in the summer of 2006 when she was taking the MMGA certification program at Elm Bank in Wellesley, Ma. After one of her MMGA classes, Adele heard that the New England Daylily Society was having a daylily “dig and divide” event at their display garden on the grounds at Elm Bank. She attended the event, helped to divide daylilies, and was given a bag of daylily divisions to take home and plant. “I was hooked!” Adele said.

Adele joined both the New England Daylily Society and the American Daylily Society (ADS) that same summer, and opportunities to share a passion for gardening, daylilies and education followed. The main mission of the ADS is to educate the public about the daylily. Soon after joining the ADS, Adele took Garden Judge training workshops.  Garden Judges are trained to evaluate daylilies in the garden, and their votes determine the daylilies that win national awards. Adele was appointed an ADS Garden Judge in 2008 and became a Garden Judge Instructor in 2013. Adele has since taught Garden Judge Workshops at National and Regional ADS conventions in the US as well as in Québec.

For the past six years, Adele was the regional newsletter editor of Daylilies in the Great Northeast, an ADS regional publication which received the ADS “Best Newsletter Award” twice. At the start of 2019, Adele Keohan became the Executive Editor and Ad Sales Manager of The Daylily Journal, the American Daylily Society’s full color, quarterly magazine.

 “Each role I’ve held within the American Daylily Society has given me wonderful opportunities to learn, to grow and to share what I’ve learned with others. The ADS has truly broadened my horizons, and my journey with ADS began thanks to Master Gardener training.”

For more information about the American Daylily Society, visit



October 5 Meeting

Any member of PDS may enter a maximum of five high- resolution images (not previously entered in an earlier Pike contest) in each category. As always, the winners of the 12 categories will have their entries featured full-size in the PDS calendar. Everyone who enters will have at least one of his/her photos printed in each category entered.

PLEASE NOTE: High-resolution (1MB or more) digital photographs must be sent to Patsy Cunningham ( as soon as possible but no later than Friday, September 26, 2019 for entry in the contest. If e-mailed, the photo files should be sent as attachments in the e-mail. You can also mail them on a CD, DVD, thumb drive (USB) or SD card (all returnable) to: Patsy Cunningham, 54 Mount Vernon Blvd., Pawtucket, RI 02861. If you use Dropbox or another file storage system, just send Patsy the link, and she'll download them. Any questions, e-mail Patsy or call 401-297-6845.

The filename must include the following info in this order:
category cultivar, breeder year photographer.jpg
For example,
5b Neon Flamingo, Gossard 2006 Nick.jpg


1. Pre-1950 introductions (single blossom or multiple/clumps)
2. 1950-1969 introductions (single blossom or multiple/clumps)
3. 1970-1989 introductions a. Single blossom b. Multiple blossoms or clumps
4. 1990- 1999 introductions a. Single blossom b. Multiple blossoms or clumps
5. 2000- 2009 introductions a. Single blossom b. Multiple blossoms or clumps
6. 2010 onward introductions a. Single blossom b. Multiple blossoms or clumps
7. Daylily seedlings␣(single blossom or multiple/clumps, your or others’ seedlings)
8. Daylily Gardens (with or without people)

Hint: If your picture wins, it will fit on an 11” wide by 8.5" tall page in the calendar. Vertical pictures are certainly okay; but if all other things are equal, choose the horizontal version to send.





Saturday May 4, 12:30 – 3:30 pm
Bedford Library, 7 Mudge Way, Bedford MA

(click above for directions)

Want to know more about daylilies? Patriot Daylily Society member Bonnie Brown will give two short presentations, the first showing different sizes and shapes of daylily flower, how to buy, plant and grow daylilies in New England, and how to extend the daylily bloom season. The second presentation will show appropriate companion plants for variety in color, texture and shape.


 There will be time for refreshments, questions and discussion; light refreshments provided. Garden Club members are cordially invited to attend.

Location: The Bedford Library meeting room. From the parking area at the rear of the Library, go to the first door on the right-hand side of the building. If (unlikely!) the weather is bad on May 4 (or predicted to be bad), go to 
to verify that the meeting is still being held and has not been postponed. We will try to have any public area - no need to log in to see the message.




October 5, Photo Contest





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Stay tuned for news on the May program!

Patriot Daylily Society

Saturday, March 2, 2019,
12:30 to 3:30 pm

Bedford Library Meeting Room


   “Gardening is Murder”

with Neal Sanders


Author and gardener Neal Sanders will describe to us what really goes on when we set about to plant a shrub, tree, daylily or harvest a vegetable. Neal readily acknowledges his responsibilities in his own garden are limited to digging holes and moving rocks at his wife’s direction. However, he has had years to observe other gardeners and their foibles, and he weaves those observations into a lecture that is rich in humor, but also dead-on accurate in describing what really goes on when we decide on planting any type of garden.


Directly after Nealʼs talk and a short break, George Doorakian, Patriot Daylily Society’s Vice President and AHS Stout Medal-winning hybridizer, will give a short presentation with photos of his newest daylily seedlings, including probable future introductions.


A potluck light lunch will be provided, contributions of food to share with others will be greatly appreciated.


Library address:  7 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA

Directions: From Rt. 95 (128) in Lexington, take Exit 31B (Rt. 4-225West) and travel 2.4 miles through Bedford Center and turn left onto Mudge Way. Library is on the right, go around to the back parking lot. Meeting Room door is on the right side of the building.

Bad weather cancellation information:  In case of snow, ice and hazardous driving, check the Society’s website ( the morning of, or night before the meeting to see if the meeting has had to be cancelled.



May 4

"Presentation on growing daylilies, details to follow."



2019 John R. Pike
 Calendars for sale

$10 each plus $5.65 Priority Mail shipping for up to 5 calendars

Email Patsy Cunningham at to order. Pay by mailing a check (I will email you the address) or I will send Paypal invoice if you prefer

Sample pages, click to enlarge:

13 month calendar

Months are:

1—prior to 1950
3a— 1970—1989 bloom
3b—1970—1989 clump
4a—1990—1999 bloom
4b-1990-1999 clump
5a—2000—2009 bloom
5b—2000—2009 clump
6a-2010 + bloom
6b 2010+ clump
8- gardens



President - Mary Collier Fisher
Past President - Kate Reed
Vice President - George Doorakian
Treasurer - Tom Riccio
Secretary - Nick Chase
Directors - George Doorakian
       -Bonnie Brown

Membership Chair - Bobbie Chase
Bedford Liason - George Doorakian
Webmaster - Patsy Cunningham
Librarian - Manny Baghdayan
Babysitting Plants Chair -
Hospitality -


Photo Contest Winners


1- pre 1950

Autumn Red
Stout 1941
Martha Pike


2- 1950-1969
Arguimbau 1969

Greg Haggett


3a - 1970-1989
Charles Johnston, Gates 1981
Greg Haggett


3b- 1980-1989 multiple
Along the Way
Stevens 1980
Nick Chase


4a -1991-2000
All American Chief

Sellers 1994
Nancy Rigsby



4b-1991-2000 multiple
Moonstruck Madness
Salter 1998
Greg Haggett


5a- 2000-2009
Green Martian
Couturier 2005
Nick Chase

5b- 2000-2009 multiple
Neon Flamingo
Gossard 2006
Nick Chase


6a -2010+
Townsend 2014
Nick Chase


6b-2009+ multiple
Tidewater Elf
Holmes 2012
Nancy Rigsby


7- Seedlings
Doorakian seedling 1018
George Doorakian


8- Gardens
Helen Ferrari garden
Greg Haggett



FYI: At the November 2017 PDS meeting new officers for 2018-2019 were elected: President - Mary Collier Fisher; Vice President - George Doorakian; Secretary - Nick Chase; Treasurer - Tom Riccio; Director at Large - Patsy Cunningham. (Ex-officio/ appointed, most are continuing: Past President - Kate Reed; Bedford liaison - George Doorakian; Membership - Bobbie Chase; Librarian - Manny Baghdayan; Webmaster - Patsy Cunningham. The position of Hospitality Chair is still vacant.)


Patriot Daylily Society Meeting

Saturday, November 4,  noon to 4



Stout Medal winner George and Paula Doorakian

 with Mary Collier Fisher



Road to the Stout Medal"

George Doorakian





Private Gardens: Open 10 AM - 3:30 PM

Wed., 7/11

Russ & Claudette Allen

18 Point Arrowhead Road

Guilford, CT

(203) 457-0121

An ADS Display Garden. Open on other days as well, as noted below. If the garden is unattended, please feel free to enter the daylily garden through the opening in the deer fence on the side of the garden facing the house.


Helen & Lauren Nordvall

21 Stoneleigh Road

Trumbull, CT

(203) 261-4745


Sat., 7/14

Cheryl Fox & Phillip Douville

27 Duncaster Road

Bloomfield, CT

(860) 243-3422


Kim Krodel

123 Cold Spring Road

Avon, CT


Rebecca Nisley

14 Stony Corners Circle

Avon, CT

(860) 673-9591


Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 7/18

Bonnie & Chris Szarek

9 Reservoir Road

Newington, CT

(860) 521-1162


Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 7/21

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 7/25

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 7/28

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Wed., 8/1

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Sat., 8/4

Russ & Claudette Allen (see above)


Commercial Gardens

Bloomingfields Farm

Lee & Diana Bristol

PO Box 5

Gaylordsville, CT 06755

(860) 354-6951

Open on summer weekends. Please call for an appointment and directions.



Rich Howard

76 Anderson Road

Wallingford, CT 06492

(203) 294-9520

An ADS Display Garden. Please call or email for an appointment.





PDS exhibition at Tower Hill, Boylston, MA.

"Patriot Nation"
July 16
Tower Hill Botanic Center

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Photos posted here, more to come.

Please send me yours


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