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Region 4 Summer Picnic
You’re Invited!

When: July 23, 2017

Where: Noel’s Nursery

77 Tully, Road , Orange, Massachusetts USA

Click here for printable flyer

( at the border between Vermont and New Hampshire)


1. An oportunity to see historic daylilies from Martha and John Pike

2. An oportunity to see a huge selection of daylilies at peak, seedlings, perennials, shrubs and trees. Remember to bring your Camera or Phone!

3. An oportunity to take the GARDEN JUDGE 2 WORKSHOP

Contact : Gary Jones gardenworkshops@daylilies.org  alternative garyjones0198@charter.net  so he will have enough materials $5.00

4. Meet daylilies friends and maybe visit some of the great private gardens along the way. Remember to contact them first.

katydaylily@yahoo.com  or katydaylily@gmail.com

 Please remember to bring your own lunch and chair as there is no cost for this event.

Pictures below and checkout the nursery on facebook

Noel's Nursery




Patriot Daylily Society

Patriot Daylily Society Meeting

Saturday, April 1, 2017, noon to 4 PM

Bedford Library

postponed due to weather


Tours of Summer 2016 Gardens

with Adele Keohan and Nick Chase

Adele will speak on her trips to Quebec and Wisconsin last summer. In Quebec she attended La journée de lʼhémérocalle (Daylily Day) of the Association des Amateurs dʼHémérocalles du Québec, AAHQ (Quebec Daylily Collectors Association) which took place in the historic gardens at Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, Sainte-Croix on July 30, 2016. The event included an auction, a photo contest, and a seedling and registered bloom contest.


In Wisconsin, year after year the Wisconsin Daylily Society has run an incredibly successful 2-day daylily sale which brings in tens of thousands of dollars to the club. Adele visited for four days in August and learned all the steps and methods which make this sale so successful.


Nickʼs slideshow presents open and tour gardens for the AHS Region IV convention in Nashua, NH, July 22-24, 2016: Lis Murphy (Princeton, MA); Cameron and Nancy Stern (Hollis, NH); Harmon Hill Farm (Hudson, NH); Janet McOsker (Pepperell, MA); Jean Doherty (Pepperell, MA); Lori-Ann Jones (Westfield, MA). Also, Connecticut Daylily Society open gardens: Kim Krodel (Avon, CT); Cheryl Fox and Phil Douville (Bloomfield, CT); Bonnie and Chris Szarek (Newington, CT).


If the weather is bad on April 1 (or predicted to be bad), go to http://contrariansview.org/onashisite/PDS/snowdate.html to verify that the meeting is still being held and has not been postponed. We will try to have any announcement of postponement posted before 10 AM on the day of the meeting. (This is a public area - no need to log in to see the message.)

Members A-L please bring a snack for our noon social time.


March 4 at 12

Bedford Library

Annual John R Pike Photo contest


Here are the categories, you can enter up to 5 for each category. Please remember to name them as follows: 

1 Cleo, Hayward 1938 Nick

5a Isabelle Rose, Laprise 2009 Patsy


1- pre 1950

2 - 1950-1969

3a - 1970-1989 bloom

3b -1970-1989 clump

4a - 1990-1999 bloom

4b - 1990-1999 clump

5a - 2000-2009 bloom

5b - 2000-2009 clump

6a - 2010+ bloom

6b - 2010+ clump

7 - seedlings

8 - gardens

Send the files to patsygc@gmail.com or put them in drop box  for me to download. You could also mail a dvd or thumbdrive to Patsy Cunningham, 54 Mt Vernon Blvd, Pawtucket, rI 02861 or give them to Kate at the party 1/14


April 1 at noon

Adele Keohan

My presentation at April’s PDS meeting will be on my trips to Quebec and Wisconsin last summer.

In Quebec I attended the AAHQ’s Daylily Day event:

Association des Amateurs d’Hémérocalles du Québec (AAHQ, The event is called “la journée de l’hémérocalle” or “Daylily Day” in English. Daylily Day took place at the historic gardens at Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière. The event includes an auction, photo contest, seedling and registered bloom contest.

Wisconsin Daylily Society—Year after year WDS has run an incredibly successful 2-day daylily sale which brings in tens of thousands of dollars to the club each year. I visited WDS last summer for four days learning all the steps and all the methods which make this sale so successful.



Saturday, November 5,

noon to 4 PM

Bedford Library

Member Forum

Our November meeting, "MEMBERS FORUM" is an opportunity for each of us to talk about our gardening lives, especially relating to daylilies. You will be allotted 10 to 15 minutes and bring your slides, especially in a thumb drive format. George Doorakian will be the moderator for this program. This will be a fun event, especially for members that come to each meeting to enjoy the programs of the day, but never participate actively in a program.


Rose F. Kennedy is 2016 Stout Medal winner

Congratulations to George Doorakian for winning the 2016 Stout Medal for his ROSE F. KENNEDY! Adele just sent me an email that it had been posted on the AHS website. George has bred many daylilies of distinction over the years and Rose F. Kennedy made it easily to the top of voting this year. It is a beauty instantly recognizable in the garden, whose impact in breeding has already been felt.


Here's a few photos from our contests:



Rose F. Kennedy, Nick Chase


Rose F. Kennedy, Nancy Stern


Rose F. Kennedy, Patsy Cunningham




Saturday, October 1, 2016, noon to 4 PM

Bedford Library


Margo Reed Woodhenge Gardens, North Garden, Virginia

 Margo Reed has been hybridizing daylilies since 1978, when she started in a small backyard in Rockville, Maryland. After many years of obscurity she started selling a few unusual daylilies, then gradually expanded. Her focus has been on distinction (personality), exotic qualities, and good plant habits. Some of her well-known daylilies, of over 175 cultivars, are H. “Creature of the Night”, H. “Chesapeake Crablegs”, H. “Cabernet Cabaret”, and H. “After Awhile Crocodile”.

Margo and husband Jim Murphy currently garden in North Garden, Virginia (near Charlottesville and the Blue Ridge Mountains) where they specialize in northern-hardy spiders, unusual forms, and exotic daylilies. She is a 2013 recipient of the Bertrand Farr Medal, awarded by the American Hemerocallis Society for excellence in hybridizing. Her goal: “I want to be the first to produce a pure white ruffled 12-cascade spider daylily that is 6 feet tall and has 6-way branching. Maybe with a kaleidoscope complex eyezone. We can always dream."

Her husband Jim has immortalized her in one of his own cultivars, H. “Margo Reed Indeed”, which won the Lennington in 2016. Daylily introductions for both of them can be found on their website, Woodhenge Gardens. Margo is a retired kindergarten teacher, a garden judge and exhibition instructor, and Region 3 liaison. She also draws and paints. Jim and Margo have three grown children and two granddaughters.

Weʼll begin the meeting with a potluck luncheon, a bit more elaborate than the nosh table we usually have. Everybody, please bring something to share and be sure to e-mail our Hospitality Chair, Sharon OʼConnor, at s-oconnor@verizon.net, with what you plan to bring so she can coordinate the food.

For login info to membersʼ area of http://patriotdaylilysociety.org, e-mail request to patham@cox.net.


2016 meeting dates:

Oct. 2 - Margo Reed

Nov. 5 - member forum

Dec. 3 (party)


Mar. 4 - annual photo contest

Apr. 1 - Presentation by George Doorakian

July or August picnic

Oct 7 - Dan Bachman

Nov 4 - Exhibition 1



Other Daylily Societies

Meetings Connecticut Daylily Society: November 5, 2016, Pat Sayers, Huntington, NY. All meetings/sales at Avon Senior Center, Avon, CT except as noted.

New England Daylily Society: November 12, 2016. All meetings at Tower Hill, Boylston, MA except as noted.

 National and regional: June 21-24, 2017, AHS National, “From Sea to Shining Sea”, Norfolk Wayside Marriott Hotel, Norfolk, VA; July 22, 2017


PDS exhibition at Tower Hill, Boylston, MA.

"Patriot Nation"
Accredited Daylily Exhibition
July 16
Tower Hill Botanic Center

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped!

Photos posted here, more to come.

Please send me yours



Photo Contest Results



Download of Slide Show of the 2016 Photo Contest
(member's only section) 

Also view on You Tube through private link
in Member's only section

For login info to members’ area of http://patriotdaylilysociety.org, e-mail request to patsygc@gmail.com


Previous Years' Photo Contest Winners






Heidi and Ed Douglas with some PDS members after the meeting
photo by Cameron Stern

John R Pike Photography Contest

2015 Winners

Click here for names and photos of 2014 winners


Click here for 2013 John R. Pike Photo Contest Results

2012 John R Pike Photo Contest winners (first 3 places)
Thanks to all who entered their wonderful photos

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Colchicine Clinic 2005


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John R. Pike Photo Contest

John Pike had a special interest in preserving heritage daylilies.
This digital photo contest encourages the appreciation and preservation
of both historic daylilies and modern hybrids.

2012 John R Pike Photo Contest winners (first 3 places)

Here are the 2011 winners

John R Pike 2010 winners

John Pike Photo Contest 2009,  here are results

2008 Winners of John Pike Photo Contest

2007 Winners of John Pike photo contest

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